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AcuVac Remediation, LLC

AcuVac, a groundwater and soil remediation company, conducts both Dual Phase and Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) Pilot Tests and Events and reports the recorded data as an outsourcing service to environmental consulting and engineering companies. AcuVac is the leading professional in collecting and reporting Pilot Test and Event data. The comprehensive report with accurate and useful data, along with the required radius of influence, can be used to project a long-term Corrective Action Plan.

  • Pilot Tests are short interval assessments of the contamination of the groundwater and soil at a site and typically range from 8-24 hours. Clients usually engage AcuVac to conduct a single Pilot Test to determine the most cost effective remediation technology. We conduct these tests at sites where the soil and groundwater are known to have been contaminated with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Non-Aqueous Petroleum Liquids (NAPL) which include gasoline, natural gas condensates and crude oils, and Dense Non-Aqueous Petroleum Liquids (DNAPL) such as chlorinated ethenes.
  • Events are short-term remediation projects that remove soil vapors and contaminated groundwater. Clients and AcuVac select and schedule Events, typically on a recurring monthly or quarterly basis as needed when it is not feasible or cost effective to install a permanent extraction system.
  • Extended Events are longer term remediation projects that last from 24 hours to several weeks. AcuVac works to recover groundwater contamination as well as soil vapors when it is not feasible or cost effective to install a permanent extraction system.
  • Health and Safety is the highest priority of the management of AcuVac. Our employees deserve a safe working environment and the company has developed a Health and Safety Policy and Procedures manual that forms the basis for the manner in which we provide our services.

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