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solutions to contaminated soil and groundwater problems


Dual Phase Extraction (DPE) is a process of combining Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) with groundwater depression. The process is sometimes referred to as DPE two pump or Mobile Dual Phase (MDP) Extraction


Short interval assessments of the contamination of the groundwater and soil at a site and typically range from 8-24 hours. Clients usually engage AcuVac to conduct a single Pilot Test to determine the most cost effective remediation technology. 


Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) is also referred to as Soil Venting, Soil Vacuum Extraction and In-Situ Vapor Extraction. SVE is a simplified process of removing contaminants from soil and, under certain conditions, can be a very effective methodology.


Short-term remediation projects that remove soil vapors and contaminated groundwater. Clients and AcuVac select and schedule Events, typically on a recurring monthly or quarterly basis as needed when it is not feasible or cost effective to install a permanent extraction system.


AcuVac, a groundwater and soil remediation company, conducts both Dual Phase and Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) Pilot Tests and Events and reports the recorded data as an outsourcing service to environmental consulting and engineering companies. AcuVac is the leading professional in collecting and reporting Pilot Test and Event data. The comprehensive report with accurate and useful data, along with the required radius of influence, can be used to project a long-term Corrective Action Plan.

We are highly specialized as a consultant/sub-contractor to provide Environmental Pilot Test/Feasibility Services and short-term/extended Events. AcuVac typically works with environmental consultants or engineering companies. Many of the projects include industrial sites such as refineries and natural gas compressor stations that are not generally under the regulatory reimbursement program.

AcuVac has conducted Pilot Tests and Events where the soil and groundwater were contaminated with almost every known Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), including those classified as LNAPL, NAPL (including crude oil) and DNAPL.

AcuVac has the knowledge and experience to design and implement a Pilot Test to gather the critical data required to create a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), or in the case of an Event, to implement an efficient and cost effective remediation solution that will achieve site closure.